Thursday, October 7, 2010

Riding the Rails

Last weekend we took a trip to Chattanooga to celebrate my mom's birthday. We wanted to do something we hadn't done yet, so we decided to do something we've always wanted to do, and take a train ride! It was so much fun! The kids didn't know what was happening until my mom handed them their ticket and they were so excited! (H) was literally shaking with excitement! Afterwards we tooled around the city and enjoyed the beautiful weather and many festivals going-on.

This kid couldn't stop smiling!

Here it comes!

We ate lunch on the train

We loved watching the world go by

Turning the engine around

We got to visit the shop where they work on these old steam engines!

Tunnel! So cool!

So much fun!


This part was kind of scary!


Cooling off after in a new-to-us fountain

Playing and listening to the bluegrass festival

Followed by a tickle-fest

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