Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Perfect Fall Day

Today we had *A*'s last soccer game and then came home to carve pumpkins. The kids were so involved in it this year and insisted on scraping the seeds, drawing the faces themselves, and *A* even wanted to cut most of hers herself.

Afterwards, ^J^ and I worked around the house, roasted pumpkin seeds, and enjoyed the day off while the kids proceeded to play outside for hours.

Here they are pretending they "had no home and were poor". They would find food (acorns) and cover up with blankets. (H) told *A* they weren't poor because they had blankets and toys. They used Ella-kitty as a means of transportation for their stuffed animals. She was very patient.

I even had time today to play with my camera a bit and take some photos with my big lens. Here are some of my favorites. I'm hoping to get some good Fall leaves shots this weekend too.

Happy Halloween tomorrow, even though no one wants to celebrate it then, but we still are! Boo!

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