Friday, September 23, 2011

Ah Rain!

It's been raining on and off for 3 days now and I just love it. Today has been the biggest rain causing a "mini-flood" as (H) pointed out in our backyard, and causing me to want to do nothing but bake and drink tea. So I'm planning to make Pioneer Woman's Oatmeal Cookies today, I've been craving oatmeal cookies for a while now and we were out of butter, but now I'm all set to have a morning to myself baking and catching up on blogs.
It's been a while sorry. It seems with the kids back in school, I'm limited on my alone morning time and I've not been able to blog because I'm trying to get chores, errands, etc. in before pick-up time. They are both loving their schools which makes me so happy. It's kind of a weird schedule *A* goes at 7:45, (H) at 9:15. Then (H) is done at 1 and *A* at 2:45, so we have some weird breaks in our day that end up being not really much time to do anything significant. We're still surviving on one car but the only way this is working is because we live to close to *A*'s school and we can walk to drop her off and/or pick her up. It's not really been difficult to coordinate when ^J^ needs to car for hospital visits or what-not, and if I need to run errands, I usually just drop him and (H) at church and then we can swap at pick-up time of we need to. We did have to rent a car this past weekend, it ended up being super-cheap so that's a new option if we get stuck. ^J^ wants a vespa which would be helpful somedays, unless it was raining, or cold, or he has to go on the highway. I think he likes the idea of driving a vespa around town in his clericals, and he of course wants a black one with a white stripe so it will match him.

Anyway, last weekend ^J^ had church obligations all weekend and it would have been hard for him to try and find rides, and the kids and I needed to drive to Atlanta so I could have a girl's night and the kids could attend our niece's birthday party. So renting a car was a great option and the kids were super-excited about "our new car", if only for 3 days! For months now, some of my Sewanee friends and I have had a trip to Atlanta planned to see Wicked and spend the night and just hang out. It was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. I under-estimated how much I needed that time with old friends. People who know me, and I know them. We all talked about how natural it felt to be together again, just like no time had passed at all. It was great. I was able to be a sort-of tour guide in my old stomping grounds and picked some Atlanta landmark restaurants for us (Mary Macs, The (original) Flying Biscuit, and of course, The Varsity) which they all loved. Wicked was amazing, I'm now obsessed with the music and listen to it on grooveshark daily. I can't wait to take the kids when they're a bit older. When we listen to the music, they both want to know what's going on in the story and how it's related to the Wizard of Oz, I don't want to give away too much because I really want them to see it when they're old enough to get all the connections. Ah, so good. If you haven't seen it, go.

Ok, I'm off to clean the kitchen so I can mess it up again with some cookie-baking. Then maybe some knitting while I catch up on shows from this week, have I told you how much I love having a dvr? Happy rainy, lazy day!

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