Thursday, September 8, 2011


You hear that? It's silence. That hasn't been heard in this house for sometime. Both kids are now in school, (H) is still only half-day in Transitional Kindergarten at Josh's church's preschool, but it's 4 hours of me-time that I will certainly take. So far I've gotten a whole lotta nothin' done but I'm ok with that. I've been remembering what it's like to have some time alone. I joined a women's bible study at church so that was most of yesterday morning, and today I'm being all domestic by catching up on laundry, baking chocolate-chip banana bread and putting dinner in the crock-pot. Fall is in the air and it makes me quite happy. I've never been this pregnant in the summer before, and the heat has taken it's toll. It's so nice to be able to not be sweating all day long anymore. I'm just hoping it will last and this isn't just a tease. Don't we deserve an early Fall after that hot summer?! I think so!
Speaking of summer, I have some pictures to share of one of our last days of summer. It was hot and I wasn't willing to go to the Y pool this day, so we broke out the sprinkler. I've been playing with my camera more and trying to shoot on manual, so here are some that actually turned out. I'm still not sure what I'm doing but it's becoming easier the more I play. I would love to take a class to learn all this and one day be able to take pictures like her and her. So inspiring!
Watch out!

Working hard together

Love her!

Gracie observing from a safe distance

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