Thursday, June 19, 2008


This coconut cake is my signature (default) cake for all occasions. Made this one for ^J^ for father's day as a bundt. I usually just make it as a sheet cake but it was REALLY good this way and all the juicy coconut stuff soaked in really well. Finished it off yesterday, yummy.
We watched Juno last night, very good, I want to own it. ^J^ was on the phone with our friend JPL for an hour and 40 minutes and, although I was glad they were talking and doing their usual laughing/debating/reconnecting thing, I was growing tireder and tireder (not a word, I know) by the minute. Finally, he was done around 11:15 and I was about to go to bed when ^J^ suggested we watch it is summer after all and what else do we have to worry about except losing some sleep. So we did and it was totally worth it! (H) was up early and cranky but no biggie.

We just got back from the park and a picnic lunch and now it's naptime and ^J^ is cleaning out the garage, I should go work on the Junk room, but I'm feeling the need for a few minutes to myself. My birthday is tomorrow and we are super-low on money right now so I asked for my present to be a half-day to myself, I know I can have it anytime I ask, but something always gets in the way or comes up so I think Saturday will be my day to go lounge at the bookstore for a few hours. It's just been hard lately with all this house packing/fixing-up stuff because one of us is working (^J^)while the other watches/entertains the kids (me). They can entertain themselves fairly well for a 1 and 3 year old, but they get needy and bored if we aren't giving them much attention, especially *A*, so I usually have to stop what I'm working on and redirect or play Cinderella or something. Her new game is "ding-dong", she takes her dolls and their stroller and walks around the side of the house and comes up to the front door and rings the doorbell. We open the door and she comes in saying that she's the babysitter and we can go out and she'll watch (H). Or, it's the other way around and she's in the house and we ring the doorbell and when she opens the door she always says in this grand voice "Oh, Hellloooo, Come iiiinnn". Everytime. She never gets sick of this game. Ever.

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