Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Packin' up

Here's why we're so motivated...

Our new backyard and huge screened-in back porch.
This part of the yard is fenced in and there is a lot more that isn't, and a quick walk through the woods leads to a small lake!

So, we're planning on moving in 3 weeks or so. We've been packing boxes like crazy and I finally found the floor of the closet in the study/junk room. There were things in there we moved from Decatur and haven't touched in 3 1/2 years! Sad. Speaking of sad, I've been getting kind of nostalgic about this house the past few days, it is a really good house and we've loved being here. We are outgrowing it though so even if we weren't embarking on this adventure, it would be time to move on. I just hope someone who sees what we see in it can find it soon and buy it! We're meeting with a realtor tomorrow, she seems pretty cool. Most realtors we've encountered have been snooty bee-ot-ches so we're hoping the one isn't. We just want someone to market our house like crazy and give us a fair deal, we know we're not going to make any money off it and that's o.k., we just don't want a mortgage payment while in seminary.
We're going to a dinner tonight at the bishop's house. Kind of scary. It's for upcoming seminarians and their spouses/partners. We had to get a babysitter, we aren't sure how we're going to pay her, maybe she takes partially used Starbuck's gift cards? Anyway, it should be interesting. ^J^ knows two other seminarians from his discernment group and there are some people from the diocese and maybe a few more seminarians from DYVE coming. O.K., the kitchen floor is starting to crawl away so I'd better go sweep.


Dynomite Momma said... IS sad to leave "home" - lucky for me, I got to come back to the one I left ;) - but I'll be leaving again soon...and I'm so excited for you and your "adventure" - I LOVE the new house - great yard!!! LOVE me - I'll email you my new cell phone. And, I love that I knew who JLP was... he he.

soozinsta said...

Thanks for sending out the blog links! I am officially a dedicated reader now.

- Susan (Stagg) Cooper

Heidi B said...

Hmmm. Where can you find absolutely free babysitting around here? I dunno. Can't think of anyone who would happily look after those guys for you. Too bad.

I'm so excited for you guys. It's all falling into place, and the house will, too. xoxo