Friday, June 27, 2008

Yard Sailin'

We're having a Moving/Yard Sale thingy (what's the difference anyway) this weekend so stop on by if you live nearby and we'll give you some iced tea and stuff we don't want anymore. Free stuff for blog readers! :)
Had a good meeting with the realtor, we now have a temporary sign and it's supposedly on MLS. She's coming back Monday to take pics inside and get the real sign and flyers out.
Dinner at the bishop's house was nice, very honest and refreshingly laid back, thank god. The bishop himself tended bar and his wife Lynn made yummy curried chicken and lentils. There were 4 other seminarians there, one other is going to Sewanee. The rest are each at General, Virginia and Divinity school of the Pacific (or something like that). The bishop gave his priorities (study) and warnings about not getting involved in school politics. He reminded everyone the diocese supports their seminarians and will do so until they are gainfully employed. Good news.
Happy weekend!

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Melissa McCants said...

Hey - I did't know that you have a blog! So, now I'm going to put my 2cents in on everything!!! We are back from the Cape (don't I sound smug!) Sorry to miss your yard sale!