Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chilly Chili

It is very cold here tonight, supposed to get down to 30, and it's just had that snowy feeling outside all day. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a snow freak, anytime it gets cold enough and if there is *any* chance of precipitation, I think it's going to snow. I guess it's from growing up in places where we rarely saw any snow, and if we did it was no more than about 3 inches. So I just checked the weather report to make sure, and as I was scrolling the 10 day forecast, on the very last day, next Tuesday the 18th, they're predicting snow showers! I know a lot can change in over a week, but it's still exciting! Apparently they are "due" for a big snow storm here, I just want to have some snow that lasts long enough to play in for a day or so. Last year in Atlanta, it snowed on *A*'s birthday and that was really fun! She thought it was all *just* for her, and the kids who came to her party at the fire station couldn't decide which was cooler, the fire trucks or the snow.

We just got back from a friend's house and they made delicious chili and had a huge fire in the fireplace. On our way home we were remarking how awesome it is to be here. We are grateful for so many things: for ^J^ to have to opportunity to study something he is so passionate about, for me to be able to be with the kids, for the kids to have so many friends close in age, and for the amazing support and friendships that are built-into this experience. It's easy to take this all for granted when you're here immersed in the day-to-day-ness of it all, but truly we are so blessed to be here. Yes, we may be struggling to sell our house and all the financial troubles that come with that, but we have been given so much here that money can not buy. Yes, we got a free meal tonight, but we also became closer to our friends, watched our children play and laugh together, and learned about classes and the professors who teach them. Money can not buy these things.

Money helps though, and so do donations of our favorite coffee (thanks moms!). We are so appreciative for the support from our diocese, families, and church home. Your generosity sustains us (literally!) and allows us to experience this place fully. So I know it's a couple weeks off, but thanks, for your giving.

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