Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello...is it me you're looking for?

I've been out of town, and out of ideas lately. Just uninspired I guess. But I came home from spouse night at the pub and ^J^ had cleaned the house, so now I'm feeling a lot better!

These past couple weeks have been really busy. Too busy actually. I need a break and I'm so excited about Thanksgiving coming up. We host turkey day traditionally and moving here will not change things. Our families come to us, and we have a great time. My favorite part about Thanksgiving though is the days following. I love the actual day and being with everyone; but when you host you are in the kitchen most of the time, and once it's time to eat, I'm not even really hungry anymore. But on that weekend following, I'm in heaven: there's a full fridge, the house is clean, I feel very crafty, and leftovers taste so much better.

Plus it's o.k. to start thinking about Christmas after Thanksgiving is over. I can not stand that the stores think Christmas starts after Halloween. I'm learning more about what it means to be an Episcopalian and "celebrating" Christmas these days, and it is very appealing to me to have Advent be a season of anticipation and waiting and excitement. I'm not yet sold on the idea of waiting until Christmas Eve to decorate...I like a little bit of something in my house to celebrate the season, but I'm excited to start holiday traditions like an Advent calendar and wreath and celebrating Saint Nicolas day. My favorite part of Christmas is the tree, so when I hear about people waiting to decorate their tree until Christmas Eve, I can't believe it. I understand why and all that, I just don't know...One thing we're going to try this year is to gradually decorate the tree throughout Advent and have it totally done by Christmas Eve. I think we'll have each of us put on one ornament every night, my question is where do I store all the ornaments in the meantime...Anywho, I'd love to hear any other Advent traditions and celebrations. Please share! Oh, and what about that big, red, fat guy...does anyone else think lying to your children about him is kinda weird...

Of course I still took them to see him this past weekend. It was the annual welcoming Santa weekend at the mall and our favorite quirky marching band from Little Five Points is always there blaring carols up and down the aisles gearing people up for Santa's big entrance.

They're a riot as you can see, and the drag queens never disappoint. Ya gotta love Atlanta.


ukebard said...

Not sure you've ever quoted Lionel ritchie in a title before, good on ya!
I look forward to having a break with you.

Love, Josh

Dynomite Momma said...

Um. I hate Santa. I hated him as a child, and I haven't exactly TOLD the children that Santa isn't real...but I also didn't force them to go see him last year, and won't this year (though Cole seems to want to go talk to him...but NOT sit on his lap, which is fine...)

I was seriously concerned about the tactics of Santa as a child (he comes at NIGHT?!?!? When everyone is sleeping? That's insane! And we didn't have a chimney so my mom gave him a KEY!?!? Are you loopy, mother? You don't "know" him, he could come in August and rob us!) - and Carsie seems to have the same misgivings - he CAN'T watch her on closed circuit TV, that's a violation of her privacy - and what if he saw her in her panties? That's not right!

Sorry - this was really long. Suffice it to say, I agree. And my Christmas Tree is still in Alabama, in storage, so it doesn't look like we'll get around to putting it up at ALL...though we did get a tiny substitute this weekend. The kids need that.

soozinsta said...

That is my very favorite marching band too. One time I took my parents out to dinner in Decatur and the band just showed up and marched through the restaurant to get to the square. My Mom was in love!

I can't imagine waiting till Xmas eve to decorate the tree either. I like to put it up right after T-giving.