Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gotta Go Knit

Seriously, I have no time today but by mid-week if I haven't had time to post anything, I start feeling guilty. Today is insanely busy. Normal Wednesday morning stuff: bible study, choir practice, community Eucharist and lunch, and then home for *quick* naps because we have a princess birthday party to go to at 3:00. *A*'s good buddy is turning 4 today who is SO into Cinderella, so much so that she proclaims she has "changed her name to Cinderella" when anyone calls her by her real name. So of course we got her some princess paraphernalia and we'll be bringing our dress-up clothes to the party for all the girls to change into and dance around and then eat castle cake. Good times.
After the party, it's home for dinner (leftover homemade chicken pot pie, I'll post that recipe at some point) and then when ^J^ gets home from his marathon paper-writing-night at the library, I leave to go help set up for the Spouses of the Seminary/PMO auction, which is tomorrow. I'm on the organizing committee for this event and have been nominated to be in charge of it next year so, eeeek! Oh and I made some earrings to donate as an auction item, and have started a baby hat to donate but have not finished, so now I gotta go knit.


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Holy cannoli. The life of a seminary-spouse-momma-do-gooder. ;) I heart you. Rest. God is SO proud of you.