Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Trip

We're back from the beach, not so tan due to the rain, but very much relaxed and ready to tackle the next new thing: ^J^'s chaplain internship and Summer!!! Today has gone pretty much how I envisioned this summer going: breakfast together, ^J^ leaves, lots of play and exploration (today this was with *A*'s best buddy who is moving tomorrow: we took a walk to the lake, counted butterflies, and did some wildflower picking), ^J^ home, lunch together and naps. Who knows what the afternoon will be like, but so far, summer seems to be going well!
Here are some pictures from our adventures last week at the beach with ^J^'s family:

The view from our porch: lake, dunes, Gulf of Mexico

Playing with the fish we caught

Ready to enjoy Uncle Jake's delicious Low Country Boil

The Gulf on one of our nice days

Castle Builder

We thought you was a toad...

We LOVED the outdoor shower!
The curly-headed cousins

A wagon full of cousins

Leaving the Pool

A Silver Sunset
And there's more to come if I can get them all downloaded.

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