Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What the Rain Dragged in...

Here are some of the newest creature finds around our house. These little guys were quite the hit around here with much speculation about why one had "lost" his shell.

It has rained for days and days and everything is constantly damp. This morning I went walking in the fog and my t-shirt was practically hanging to my knees when I was done. We're so ready for the sun to come back so we can go play at the park while Daddy does his final studying of the year. He has 2 finals left and then this weekend is full of parties again as we celebrate undergrad and Theology gradutaion. Here's a few shots from last weekend's Dean's dinner party. We've had a dinner to go to everynight since this one last Friday, and I think the only night we don't have plans this week is Wednesday. If I make it to next week, I think I'll sleep a few days straight. The Crows from Georgia.

Oh, so patient Spouses

And here's a send off to our friends The Krouse's who'll be spending most of the summer in jolly ol' England...we'll miss you guys!

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