Thursday, April 8, 2010


What a glorious day! The weather was warmer than I ever remember an Easter being, church was beautiful (although we spent much of it outside in the sun since it was standing room only!), the kids were wonderful, and we had fun with friends all day long.
The junior Easter bunnies waited patiently as Mommy Bunny hid the baskets.
Then they found baskets full of fun toys (thanks $1 Target bin!) and not so much candy.

But the candy we did get was much enjoyed!

Then we headed to friend's house for a yummy Easter lunch. And family photos of course!
Then it was time to change into play clothes and line up with our friends for the egg hunt at the park.
(H) worked hard to get his eggs and decided after about 8 that he had found enough. *A* was considered one of the big kids this year (!), so when she came to me with a full basket and I gently reminded her to save some for the little kids, she took a handful from her basket and re-hid them for the little kids to find. 

After a chocloate fix, it was time to relax, play games, and cookout. A time to celebrate and feast! Just what Easter is all about!

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ukebard said...

FYI:I think Daddy Bunny hid the baskets.