Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pre-Easter Events

As always, there is lots to do up here on the mountain during Holy Week. It's busy but it's good busy. Everything is focused on Holy Week which allows you to really get in the right frame of mind to celebrate these events. On Maundy Thursday, the seminary stops classes and offers a Quiet Day for students and spouses.
This was my third Quiet Day and it is something I've really come to look forward to. It was 80 degrees this day so along with lots of quiet on the beautiful campus of St. Mary's convent, I also got a sunburn.
Good Friday was quite busy and I was very appreciative for the previous day of quiet. ^J^ preached at 7am at All Saint's on campus, then we had the seminary service at 9am, then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and walked to the Stations of the Cross service which occurs down University Ave.
Here we are on our way and here's ^J^ taking a turn helping carry the cross.
That night we had a relaxing dinner at a friend's house and we played our new favorite game, BananaGrams!
Saturday was a bit more laid back and we went to the 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil hosted by one of ^J^'s classmates from Mississippi.
*A* really liked them and so did Gracie who decided to eat 3 shell and all!
Saturday night we got a babysitter so we could attend the Easter Vigil service. ^J^ was a reader and it was as always a powerful service follwed by a yummy reception.
I'll save Easter for tomorrow seeing as I've already made this quite a long post.

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