Friday, April 23, 2010

Local Fun

Last weekend St. Andrew's a local Episcopal upper school hosted Trails and Trilliums, an annual event with guided trail walks, native plant sales, and of course family fun. We went last year and had a blast and really loved that all the family activities are free! This year a group of seminary families came out for the fun and despite the cooler weather, we had a great time!
Our first stop was the horses so of course we hopped right on. Last year (H) got on and rode for about 4 steps but then wanted off. This year he was hesitant but willing and eventhough he wanted one of us to walk with him, he rode twice!
*A* was all over it of course and had no hesitation at all.

Next up was the animal petting area. They had local animals from farms and things in our backyards. The bunnies were a favorite as were the turtles, especially the baby turtle!

They had baby mice too and in a much farther away location: snakes. If you are squemish about snakes, I'm sorry, you'll just have to deal. I can not tell you how proud it makes me that this girl is not afraid of turtles, snakes, worms, etc.! Spiders and bees are a different story, but this child has *almost* no fear!

(H) is a little more cautious but he was braver this year and held one!

There was also a hay ride and marshmallow roasting.
This boy loved the tractor! We tried to go on a tour of a cave too but we missed it by a few minutes because we were too busy petting a horse. Oh well, it gives us an excuse to go back next year (as if we needed one!). 

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