Friday, February 13, 2009

Do You Feel the Love?

We aren't big Valentines Day people around here, but I was starting to feel it more lately with all the kids' events and cards they're getting. It's like anything, when the kids are excited, it makes me more excited. I got *A* some new watercolor paints and she and her Gramps made some valentines. Fun! They had a valentines exchange at school yesterday and cards from family are arriving every day this week. Fun! Getting mail is such a thrill for them, and thanks to all who've sent them cards!

But today when we went grocery shopping at Wally-World, it was like someone puked pink and red shiny fluffiness! Oh my gosh. I now know why I think is a Hallmark holiday, the people were buying it up like crazy! What is the deal?!! I saw one woman with 6 balloons tied to her cart, who needs 6 balloons? The poor clerks couldn't get the shelves stocked fast enough with more flowers and stuffed gorillas and pepto-bismol colored candy.

I'm all about taking the time to tell people you love them, but really, is this what we all need to feel loved? Maybe they'd like something heart-felt that you put a lot of thought into? Like a book or movie or music that you know they'd like? Or even a gift card, or even something homemade, maybe? Do these people really like getting a mound of balloons tied to an extra-large stuffed animal holding substandard chocolate? Aren't we supposed to be struggling financially as a country, do we really need to be spending our hard-earned money, or worse yet, credit-card loaned money on this crap?
*sigh* Sorry, stepping down off the soapbox now. It was truly amazing to me (as someone who's pretty far removed from "normal" culture right now) to witness this display of excess. Sorry if I offended anyone, it's just very interesting to be able to witness these things after being secluded on the mountain for a while. One thing we've been doing to enjoy our days more is this. It's a really fun way to stop and reconnect with your kids and nature/homelife by one of my favorite bloggers. And it's only $6! (The cost of one giganto balloon at wally-world). Check it out and watch the video. Good stuff.