Monday, February 23, 2009

Super Kids!

We had the kids' yearly physicals today and those kids ROCK! They were both so good and listened, and took those finger pricks and shots like true champs. I was so proud! So we came home and snuggled under the covers (on a Monday morning!) and watched Wall-E, and Daddy stayed home too so it was extra-nice. We had a pretty hectic weekend as usual so having this morning to relax was wonderful!

Yesterday was my nephew's birthday party. It was at one of those jumpy places, but this was better because each party has their own ROOM of jumpy things. It wasn't nearly as chaotic or loud as the ones I've been to where all the kids from town are in one big room bumping into each other. *A* actually went down the huge slide and even little (H) warmed up to jumping. After the party, we went back to Gram and Papa's house to open gifts and eat dinner. It was very relaxing and good to catch up with the family.

On the way there though, we got sidetracked by a Whole Foods that literally took hold of our car and *made* us pull in the parking lot. We wandered the aisles with drool pooling around our feet and counted our blessings that we get to return to Atlanta (the land of good grocery stores) in a few years. Then we decided we needed a snack. This Whole Foods had the most extensive take-out section I've ever seen, and ^J^ left it to me to pick our snack while he went to look in the baking aisle. When he returned, I surprised him with my choice of sushi!!! I'm not usually a big fan of sushi, but it looked sooooo good, and since I can't have it right now without travelling an hour or so, it was exactly what I wanted. I got a roll with avacado and cucucumber and it was rolled just the way I like with the rice on the outside (I'm sure there is some fancy name for that, but I'm a sushi newbie). Totally yummy and refreshing! The dangerous part is that now I'm going to start craving sushi and I can't get it! :(
Hmmm. Maybe I can learn to make my own...ok now I'm on a mission. Happy Monday!


Trish in Sewanee said...

Val Crumpton makes her own sushi like a pro! Maybe we can get her to give lessons one evening!

ukebard said...

You know...they have sushi at the truck-stop/chinese/sushi place. We should at least try it.