Sunday, February 1, 2009

Springy Sunday

It's warm here, like mid-50s, and since we're anticipating yet another snow storm (I'm not complaining) tomorrow or Tuesday, we're taking full advantage of it. This morning, in lieu of church (we're taking advantage of being able to skip here and there while we still can!), we went to play in the big field hockey field behind our house and took the dogs. They roamed and played and laid in the mud puddles while we threw ^J^'s new splurge, an aerobie frisbee (on clearance for $2.50, whoo hoo!). Even I can throw this thing far and it was great fun chasing it, the dogs, and the kids around.
And, as if that wasn't enough exercise, we went to Abbo's Alley: a walking/hiking nature trail on campus.
There are all kinds of fun things to explore there,
a koi pond,
a labyrinth and lots of streams and bridges.
I love hiking on the "real" trails around campus, and so do the kids, but it's nice to have a place to leisurely hike without having to constantly worry the kids are going to misstep and fall off a cliff.

It has been a great day so far and here's the best part of all this fresh air...
Hope your Sunday is just as relaxing!

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Shea Gilbert said...

it was pretty here today, too. I loved being outside! So good to read about your family, Brittany. It will be nice to keep in touch in the blog world....I'm afraid I'm not so good at keeping it updated lately, but I'll have to be with the move.