Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a Day

It's been a doozy. I'm a little tired of the details but basically our car starting acting up today, with the help of generous friends, I took it in, learned it wasn't a big expense (spark plugs), went to pick it up, tried to drive it, couldn't break, eventually stopped, went back to mechanic, was told to leave it overnight, got a loaner, and am now driving a hoopty.
It's an old (RED!) caddy of somekind, and now I know why they call them land boats; we float down University Avenue (as I hide behind my the rain) and there are so many bells and whistles I couldn't even figure out how to take the parking break off. The kids LOVE it and act like they're on some kind of amusement ride. It's quite a sight, but I am very glad for mom and pop small town mechanics. They were so kind to me and the kids during this mess, and the funniest part to me was that ^J^ was blissfully unaware of pretty much all of it until I drove up in our new ride. He knew the car was sick when I dropped him off this morning, but luckily our community took care of me and the kids so much that I really didn't need to tell him anything until the car was (supposedly) fixed and we were on our way home. Of course he felt awful that he wasn't there to help, but we were able to rely on friends and be reminded about what an amazing place this is!

Hopefully our car will be all better tomorrow and it won't be much more of an expense. It seems a car issue always happens when we have a bit of extra money, which I guess is a blessing in a way, but geez! If it's not one know the rest. Happy downward slope to the weekend!

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