Monday, March 9, 2009

A Bit of Sunshine

It's truly amazing how sun and warmth can change your outlook. Like many places, we had beautiful weather this weekend and spent most of our waking moments outside. Saturday we went thrifting and played at the kids' favorite park. Then we remembered how fresh air acts as a powerful drug because the kids took 3.5 hour naps! Whoohoo!

Sunday we went to a place called Natural Bridge to hike.
^J^ decided hiking wasn't nearly exciting enough so he climbed anything he could find.
The way the rocks were eroded made for really good hand-holds and ledges.
All of us had to climb over boulders along the path and the most exciting part was walking over the natural bridge.
There was a 30 foot drop on one side and a 50 foot drop on the other. Yikes!
There were caves everywhere too. Very cool!

Today we're suffering from post daylight savings syndrome. It's crazy how that one little hour can affect sleep so much! *A* didn't get up until after 9:30! Oh and with all this outside time, we've already had to break out the band-aids! Spring is on it's way!

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