Thursday, March 26, 2009

Garden Goodness

Right now, these are all we have growing in our yard, but I'm counting the days until I can start our vegetable garden again. The season starts much later up here than back in Georgia. Case in point, our daffodils just really all came out last week, and back at our old house they've been out for over a month. I've been told we could have a deep freeze anytime in April, so apparently the end of April is the first chance we'll get to plant outside. The other thing we have to worry about up here is the huge population of deer.

The kids and I went to a local growers' open house Saturday. We order online from this local co-op every once and a while and attend the weekly farmer's market when it's in season (April-September), so this was a nice way to meet the farmers and see what they will have to offer in a few weeks. I've been slack on ordering seeds this year, so I was so glad to find out many of the farmers will be offering seedlings soon.
The kids enjoyed running around sampling a variety of foods: fresh baked bread, field greens, homemade chocolate bonbons, and yummy breakfast sausage. They also enjoyed seeing the baby goat and chicks. I'm really excited about all the local food options up here, and can't wait to have some from our very own yard.

I've been inspired by the local food movement lately, so I'm re-reading this book. I started it before we moved last year and now that were in a place where there are so many more local options, I think I'm going to get a lot out of it. If you haven't read it, go to get it. I love anything by Barbara Kingsolver, and this is a non-fiction story of her family's quest to only eat locally for a year. It's more than I think we could do, but if we could pledge to spend more on local food than at the grocery store, particularly during the summer months, that would be really fun! Speaking of fun, we're headed down to ATL this weekend for a birthday party and our favorite consignment sale. Hope yours is full of cake and fabulous finds too!

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