Monday, March 23, 2009

Time Flies!

Well our glorious Spring Break has come to an end. The kids are already missing Daddy being with us 24/7. The strange thing is though is that we only have a little over a month until the end of the semester! It's hard to believe our first year of seminary is almost done! ^J^ has been asked to do all these jobs over the summer since he'll be doing his CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education-like a chaplin internship) locally. Last night we had a great picnic/fish fry at the park with other families with small kids. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but there were 11 kids under 5 running around together and enjoying a beautiful Spring evening. It was a perfect way to end Spring Break.

Yesterday while I was feeling slightly under the weather, *A* decided she was going to give herself a piano lesson on our keyboard. She started by trying to write music on a piece of paper. ^J^ helped by drawing a blank staff and she filled in the notes.
Then she sat down and "played". (H) wanted to join in the fun too so he tried making notes and *A* informed him he wasn't doing it right, so she gave him a lesson on how to draw the notes. Then they both played.(H) preferred the drums after a while and don't you just love his outfit?!

This weekend was also perfect for bike riding. We got a free bigger bike for *A* a while back from Sewanee's classifieds, but needed to get training wheels for it. Here's *A* helping Daddy fix her new bike.
We also purchased a bike trailer Saturday from a friend at a super deal. The kids LOVE it (and each other),
and ^J^ likes to use it to cart back all the books he gets at the library. They need to name a wing after us with all the late fees we rack up. Ok, we're off to run our Monday errands and get geared up for our week. Have a good one!

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ukebard said...

i had a great break with y'all too! I much prefer your company to the company of bibilical commentaries!