Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Tra, la, la!

We are home and it rocks. The beach rocked too. It was foggy the first 2 days we were there but it didn't matter. The day we were checking out it was sunny and 80 degrees. So we stayed until lunchtime and played at the beach and swam in the pool. It was hard to leave when the weather was finally perfect, but now I'm glad to be home getting things done, and knowing that we still have a week of Spring Break left. While we were gone, our old house showed 3 times so pray for someone to make an offer. Good things are happening there (we hope!).

I haven't downloaded all our pictures yet, but here's one of the kids and my dad the day we arrived. You can tell the sun was setting. They loved seeing him and they both wanted him to sit by them and hold their hands everytime we went out. Thanks, Granpa John for a great trip!
More beach goodness later!

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