Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big and Little

On Thursday night, at the community eucharist, *A* served as an acolyte for the first time. She carried the cross (the fancy word for this is the Crucifer) in the procession and was truly amazing. I was so nervous for her, but as soon as I saw her coming down the aisle, I knew she was going to be fine. She was so confident leading the procession and looking around at everyone bowing as she passed. So then, instead of being nervous, I was tearing up. How she can be so big and yet so little all at the same time?


Caroline & Tucker said...

so true! she has looked so much older this year, but compared to the cross she seemed so little! yet what a big girl to be able to carry that heavy cross!

ukebard said...

My baby, I too was tearing up. There is something very "adventy" (early) about have that little-big girl bear the cross