Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today *A*'s preschool class hosted a Thanksgiving Feast complete with each student's choice of food. This preschool is pretty awesome and it is as close to Montessori we're gonna get here(it's Reggio), I wish I had found it sooner actually. *A*'s teacher was very insistent that we honor our child's choice and provide the food they requested. They asked each child what they wanted, and then sent home the list so that we'd know what to prepare for today. *A*'s choice was mac-n-cheese which was pretty tame compared to some. There was everything from pancakes to chicken fingers from a certain restaurant, to hamburgers with mushrooms to "noodles with white sauce and lima beans". It was truly a kid-feast with very little green things represented. It was lots of fun and *A* and I were able to spend some rare quality time together.

Afterwards, the kids we're high on syrup, juice, and chocolate chip cookies so they ran laps around the adults at the tables. They also sang us a Thanksgiving song and decorated and set the tables beforehand.

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