Sunday, November 1, 2009


We've had a great Halloween complete with multiple times for the kids to wear their costumes and many buckets full of candy from lots of trick-or-treating events. Here are some pictures to tell the story:
Last Sunday, the kids went to the Atlanta Symphony with their Gram and Papa. They are lucky enough to go 4 times a year to enjoy the symphony, but my favorite by far is the Halloween one because the whole orchestra dresses in costume!
Here's the beautiful Tinkerbell

And the handsome, but cranky from just waking up from nap, Spiderman

And here are all the cousins after at Gram and Papa's awaiting their treats...the girls had switched costumes at this point!

Thursday (H) went T-o-T around the seminary building with the Preschool Parent's Morning Out class. Here they are lined up and ready to get some candy:


Two spider-boys enjoying pumpkin cookies afterwards

Friday the kids went T-o-T up and down "downtown" Sewanee with their preschool. I don't have any pictures since I wasn't there, but I'm told they had fun and they brought home giant bags of candy.

And then, of course, we had "real" Halloween". We had some friends over before-hand to get some dinner in the kids' bellies before the candy hit.

Then we headed over the The Woodlands, where everyone goes to T-o-T because there are so many houses in such a small area, and did the rounds. Here are *some* of the kids we toured the houses with:

You would think she's excited to get candy but she's saying "Mommy, I said 'Thank you'!"
And afterwards we did our traditional firepit, candy pig-out at our friends The Carson's house.

Good times.

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