Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today both kids took a nap (as did mommy and daddy) because we're all trying to recover from our fun but busy weekend. I woke up and felt the need to do something with all these leftovers, so my inner Julia Child came out and I made homemade turkey noodle soup and turkey pot pie. We had made turkey stock Thanksgiving night so that was already done, you could use chicken stock if you don't have any turkey stock on hand. We also had a ton of raw veggie leftover from the appetizer my mom brought so I just threw in as many veggie as I could. Here are the recipes if you are interested:

Turkey Noodle Soup
Saute lots of cut up veggies: carrots, celery, onion, zuchini, squash, tomaotes, brocoli, etc. in 2T of olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste and a teaspoon of poultry seasonings. Add 8 cups of turkey stock, 3 cups chopped turkey, 1 can of Rotel, and 1/2 big bag of egg noodles. Simmer until noodles are cooked al dente, add a few sprigs of chopped fresh parsley stir and serve. YUMMMMMMMMM! I was kind of worried how this would turn out as I've never really made homemade chicken(or turkey) noodle soup, but it is SO good. It makes a lot, so plan to freeze some or share with a friend.

Turkey Pot Pie
I used this recipe, but I added some white wine when I added the stock and did it in a casserole dish instead of individual bowls. It's in the oven but I'm fairly certain it's gonna be a hit!
Happy Sunday!

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ukebard said...

the soup is the bomb!