Monday, November 9, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Today after church, we had a traditional Sunday "dinner" and I made Pot Roast (a first). We knew ^J^ would be out studying at normal dinner-time so I decided to do the old-fashioned thing and have our big Sunday meal together at lunch-time. The pot roast was so yummy (made from locally-raised beef) and the kids ate every bite.

Also, today we ventured out to hike around Lake Cheston for the first time. We've been there to swim in the summer, but never hiked the trails and the kids really wanted to take a dog on a hike. We've heard this is a good place for dogs to run, and we knew Gracie would love to swim there. We considered bringing both dogs, but the back of our car could only handle one wet dog today. Unfortunately we were about a week off for the Fall leaves, most of them were down already, but there was still lots of fun things for pictures.

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Anonymous said...

SUCH a fun Sunday. Home cooking, time outside, family being together. I can't think of anything I'd like more!