Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Love Dirt(and snakes, and turtles, and horses, and...)

Yesterday the kids and I tilled the garden patch we're going to plant in this Spring. The kids loved it and (H) kept saying, "this is fun Mommy!"
We have 4 tomato plants so far and today we picked up our plant order from our local food co-op. We now have cucumbers, broccoli, strawberries, peppers, basil, yellow squash, and cilantro to add to the garden. I can't wait! Tonight is going to be in the 30s again so I guess we really should wait until May 1 to plant like we've been told, but I'm so ready, and so are the kids!

This past Saturday we went to a Spring festival at the nearby private school. They had lots of fun kid's activities: a petting zoo with farm animals, a snake "talk", hayrides, and horse rides. It was a beautiful day and eventhough I felt pretty crummy, the kids and I had a blast while Daddy worked hard writing a paper. The best part was that all the activities were totally free! Of course, *A* loved the horses and animals. She was SO brave with the snakes,
at first she only wanted to touch, but by the end, she was doing this...

Mommy did it too, just to show her how cool it was. I know some of you are freaking right now, I guess I should have put a disclaimer on this post for the snake-o-phobic (I'm sure there's a technical word for that). Even people who hate snakes have to admit this one was cute right?
Ok, I'm all done with snakes I promise.

Here's our horselover. I swear she's naturally born to do this. She was on a horse at 5 months old and has loved it ever since! Off she goes!
I was so proud of (H) for getting on the horse and riding about 20 feet, once the horse started bouncing a bit though, he got scared and wanted to get off. He's so much more cautious than *A* and I always have to remember to take it slow with him.

The petting area was great, *H* loved the goat and kept calling it a doggie.
*A* liked it ALL, as you can plainly see.

We went back to the horses a bit later and *A* rode again, the 2nd horse she got was a bit tempermental and I had visions of when I was 7 and a horse I was riding just decided to roll over while I was on it. Luckily her horse didn't get this far, but he did start to trot, so the lady guiding him asked if we would get off and go choose a different horse. So here is *A* on her 3rd horse of the day! I think riding lessons are in our near future...<

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