Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweets for My Sweet

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday and he's hard at work right now finishing up his first semester of seminary. So I've been hard at work making yummy goodies for him to enjoy when he comes home. His birthday cake is coconut, here it is after being attacked:

I also made everyone's favorite Ginger Chocolate Cookies and only if you are very lucky do you get to eat these.
They are high-maintenance and have weird steps like 'dissolve 1/2 t of baking soda in 1.5 t of very hot water'. I felt a little like the little red hen: "Who will help me sift the flour?", "Who will help me grate the ginger?", "Who will help me pour the (slow as) molasses?" No luck, but man are they good. I just wish it made more cookies for the work. I was going to make a double batch but we were out of fresh ginger. Here is the recipe if you dare (or care) to make them. :) Our friend Abby who generously offered to babysit tonight will be getting some of these amazing treats as a thank you. We are lucky enough to be treated to a fancy dinner tonight at this legendary (Al Capone rumors abound) restaurant. Happy Birthday ^J^!

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