Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Events

Having Daddy home makes us busy busy!
Here's what we've been up to:

Thursday morning yoga lessons:

after doing some basic moves, *A* started making up her own. Don't ask about the shirts, apparently they were doing hot yoga. That night we went to the Old-Timey Music Jam.

Friday *A* and I went with her Nana to the Nutcracker. We went last year and she liked it, but this year we went to the Atlanta Ballet's version at the Fox and she LOVED it! I haven't been to this one in probably 10 years and they've updated it with new dances and costumes, and the story was so well done. We've been spoiled now and can never go back to the community ballet school version.

Saturday I did a little shopping while in civilization and then we met daddy half-way at a chick-fil-a to return home. Man, I miss Chick-fil-a. The kids played, *A* fell between the window and the booth and bonked her head, and then we headed to a really cool music store where ^J^ was in old-time music heaven. We bought the kids kazoos and heard jingle bells kazoo-style all the way home. They had really cool ukuleles at this store so when they got home, *A* wanted uke lessons..

Sunday we cleaned house, did our own Advent service, and made a gingerbread house

Then we headed to a friend's house for dinner with families who are staying on the mountain for the Holidays. ^J^ was asked to go get some instruments (twist his arm), so then we had live carols with banjo, recorder, guitar and keyboard. After the carols we broke into Indigo Girls and Violent Femmes. Good Times! Oh, and *A* bonked the other side of her head on their kitchen table so now she has a bruise on each side of her forehead.

The feeling of Christmas approaching is in the air, and the kids are feeling it too. This morning *A* came to wake me up and looked out the window and indignantly asked, "Why, is it not snowing?!?" I know! It is 13 degrees here and with the windchill it's 1...1! Unfortunately it doesn't look like snow anytime soon but we can still hope right?

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