Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcoming Christmas

Remember those sweet voices from the Grinch singing around the tree:
"Fah who for-aze!
Dah who dor-aze!
Welcome Christmas,
Come this way!"

We are welcoming Christmas this weekend by finally getting the house all Christmased up. Decorations are down from the attic, the tree is lit, a few presents are bought and or crafted,
and *some* Christmas cookies are made thanks to my mom who came yesterday to do our family tradition of spritz cookies. We will make more cookies this week and I will of course make my famous ginger-chocolate cookies for ^J^'s birthday on Monday. They are the most labor-intensive cookies I make, but they're his absolute favorite and he's worth it. I Hope your weekend is full of warm feelings, holiday smells and flickering lights.

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