Friday, January 30, 2009

Right Now...

Right now I'm...

**Catching up on laundry, our washer may not have been broken after all.

**Mourning the loss of a favorite magazine.

**Finally back into this book again, I think this time I'll finish it.

**In bed at 9:30 and up at 5:45. Weird but nice.

**Actually excited about the Superbowl! I guess those Steelers genes are in me somewhere (my mom is cheering right now).

**Grateful for so much.

**Loving this new blog and this Flickr group. So real.

**Ready for just a touch of Spring, so we can be outside and play!

**In need of a big grocery trip. So I'm off to get kids dressed, lists made, and out the door before naptime meltdowns.

Happy Friday!

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