Friday, April 17, 2009

Catch Up...

Here are some highlights from the past week...

Maundy Thursday:
Seminary Sponsored Quiet Day at St. Mary's Convent. Free childcare, a morning to do whatever I wanted in a beautiful place with an amazing view.
All I wanted to do was be outside on this beautiful day so we took a hike, I drew, took pictures of wildflowers, read, ate, and was quiet., Kinda like this guy I found sitting on my bench...

Good Friday:
What a day. Morning Good Friday Eucharist at the seminary chapel, home for mom's arrival, walked down University Ave. for the Way of the Cross,

Walked in the house and tornado sirens went off. Hid out in (H)'s room for over an hour. Lost power. Watched the sky turn green and clear minutes later. Went grocery shopping, bought food that needed cooked and refrigerated. Power still not on. Made dinner on the grill. Ate by candlelight. Kids to bed with candles burning. Started to feel a little stir crazy and bit like the Ingalls. Lights back on 5 hours later.

Somewhat uneventful, especially compared to yesterday. The highlights were seeing Slumdog Millionaire, I still can't get this movie out of my mind,

dying eggs, and the Easter Vigil service at All Saint's. This was my first Vigil service at night and it was dramatic in the best way possible. Candlelit and meditative at first and then bright and celebratory, as it should be.

Easter Sunday:

Lounged in jammies, got treats, and then dressed in our best, we went to All Saint's again for the Easter morning service. Next year I think we'll just do the vigil. It was so much more meaningful.
We ate at the dining hall for lunch and then headed to the egg hunt in the park after naps. After the hunt we just hung out with other families and eventually fired up the grill and had a pot luck dinner. The kids played, the adults talked, ^J^ played the banjo, the kids danced. A great day.

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Dynomite Momma said...

What a great Holy Week. I have a hard time with Maundy Thursday & Good Friday (and Holy Saturday...though it's sort of the 'dead' day - no pun intended - in the middle of it all...) because it's SOSOSOSO solemn, but it's worth it with the celebration afterwards on Sunday!!!

Will & I watched Slumdog Millionaire this weekend, and it was GREAT!!!

Love you.