Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Highlights

**Making brownies with *A* during "naptime" and realizing I'm ok that she's given up her nap.**

**Wine, pizza, and adult conversation.**

**Laughing at friends during a game of Celebrity.**

**Banana chocolate chip pancakes**

**Kids playing contentedly = me sweeping and mopping**

**Hiking on the Perimeter Trail: crossing streams/mud, finding new exotic-looking wildflowers, listening to the kids yell out when they find a blue blaze on the trail, sitting on a wooden bridge soaking in the sun while the kids throw rocks in the stream. I could have sat there all day.**

**Realizing we're locals when we see the influx of visitors over the weekend.**

**An outdoor kid birthday party with a cardboard box fort and trips through the woods to find the lake.**

**Having the kids take naps so we could all attend a post-bedtime local dance production put on by the college.**

**Sleeping in and drinking lots of coffee.**

**Watching CBS Sunday Morning with the whole family**

**An impromptu trip to Chattanooga for Easter shoes and finding a really cool local bookstore...wondering when we were last in a bookstore**

**Scrapping complicated dinner plans for grilling out**

**Having your dinner guests walk to your house. Adult and kid tables. Discussing plans for the future and being happy for them, but realizing the transitory life of being in seminary...just when you get to really know people, it's time for them to leave**

**A clean house to start the week**

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Dynomite Momma said...

I love "Sunday Morning" - in college, do you remember it being like the BEST thing EVER? I can remember Jennifer Cravens & Lisa Perpall & I watching it - with coffee. nostalgic. I love your highlights! Gratitude for the small things in life is so nice.