Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peas and Quiet

I'm enjoying a rare quiet house while the kiddos sleep and ^J^ runs errands. I've cleaned house today so instead of my usual feeling of guilt spending time on the computer, it feels relaxing. Unfortunately I may have broken our camera. After being uber-careful on our trip to the beach not to get it wet or get sand in it, I put it in my purse (which happened to have a bit of sand in it), without it's cover, and now there is a "lens error" and it won't focus and then turns off. I'm hoping that it's still under warranty. I've sort of avoided turning it on the past few days hoping time will heal it. I kinda doubt it though.
So this week we're getting into the groove of summer. Breakfast on the back porch, walks and outside time in the morning followed by swim lessons for *A*, lunch, rest/naps, more outside time, dinner on the back porch, and bed. Mix in some fishing at the lake, movie nights, and lots of art at the kitchen table and that's pretty much our life for the forseeable future. Pretty darn perfect. More summer fun to come, hopefully with pictures!

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