Monday, June 15, 2009

Sewanee Wildlife

This summer we are so into exploring the wildlife of Sewanee. From almost daily fishing trips at the lake behind our house to finding and identifying birds and insects, we have become wildlife lovers. My new adventure is to find caterpillar eggs and watch them grow and transform. Apparently you can find them on the tops of veggies and herb plants so we're going to check our garden today.

We found this butterfly the other day, it was just sitting still in the middle of the road, I'm pretty sure it had just come out of it's chrysalis and it was drying it's wings because it had no interest in flying. We talked about how to pick it up without damaging it's wings (you put your finger in front of it's front legs and let it walk on your finger). So *A* picked it up and it stayed with her for about 15 minutes until it was ready to fly on it's own. It was magical to her and now she thinks all butterflies are going to just hang out on her finger. We love this blog for lots of nature info. Like do you know the difference between a damsel fly and a dragon fly? Thanks to this blog, we now do! Happy Monday!

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