Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Week's End

It's been a really good week. We've gotten into a daily routine: Morning begins with lots of books, games and playing, then *A*'s swimming lessons which creates nap-filled afternoons followed by more playing, great homecooked dinners, and more wearing out of children. They've been going to bed later since they're napping but it's no big deal because we can do fun stuff in the evenings (2 nights ago we fished with our friends behind our house, last night we went to the local lake "beach", and tonight on the agenda we are catching lightning bugs), and then they sleep in.

The first swimming session is over and so we went ahead and signed her up for 2 more weeks. She has new skills everyday and we didn't want that to stop. Today she swam/floated on her back while kicking her feet all at the same time. She is able to move up to the next class now and will hopefully continue to perfect her strokes. They started adding their arms for each stroke but that was a little much, she does it perfectly outside of the water but once she's in there, it's hard to coordinate with legs and breathing. So we'll see what skills develop next week. Today was the last day of session one so they did something special for all the kids and let them go off the diving board! With most of the kids one coach held the kids from the board and dangled them gently into the water where another coach caught them. I think next time *A* will want to do more of a jump now that she knows what it's like. She was super-excited and didn't want to leave until we saw everyone, including the coaches, jump in.

Ok, we have lots of errands to run. We're celebrating my step-dad's (Gramps to the kids) birthday tomorrow in Chattanooga at the aquarium and I'm hostessing a wedding and ^J^'s parents this weekend. Phew. Have a good one!

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