Friday, June 26, 2009

"Movin' Right Along...

duh ga dunk, duh ga dunk. Footloose and fancy free"...well not yet. BTW, If you can tell me what movie that song is from, I'll bring you back a special cherry treat from Traverse City.

Anywho, I finally got the kids down today 2 hours after normal naptime. I'm in the middle of laundry, packing car backpack/keep-em-busy bags, and sweeping. ^J^ is not feeling well and he was in bed, but the nursing home just called him in. *A* woke up this morning with a scratchy throat so I've been sneaking her vitamin C all day; oranges for snack, apple juice with lunch, hey, how about an afternoon snack of blueberries and spinach?! I'm telling everyone to get it all over and done with now because no one's gonna be sick on this vacation!

We just trained our new dogsitter and in the process figured out we're going to be gone for 10 days!!! That's a lot longer than I'd realized, and we're so ready. I'm not one of those people who "needs to get off the mountain" typically, but this break is coming at the perfect time. I am sad though to be missing the 4th of July festivities on the mountain because they sound amazing, but hopefully we can be here for them next year. We are "friends" (she knows us because she works in the cashier's office and she loves when the kids and I come to pick up a's easy to become "friends" with people in Sewanee) with the lady who is running the kids activites for the 4th and she found out we won't be here so she called our house yesterday and told us to stop by her office because she had gifts for the kids. We went this morning and she had put together a bag of festive goodies for both kids with candy, noisemakers, red white and blue jewlrey, and star-shaped sunglasses. I guess it's all the treats they give to the kids during the activities and she didn't want our kids to miss out! Isn't that sweet? That's Sewanee for ya! The kids loved the star-sunglasses the best and *A* decided she was a "star rocker" (ie. rock star) so she and (H) sang songs all the way down the mountain to the library.

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soozinsta said...

"... Getting there is half the fun, come share it with me!" It's from the Muppet Movie and I had the song stuck in my head from this post title alone, before I even started reading the rest. Have a wonderful trip!!!