Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Things

Here are some random shots from last week, since I don't have the ability to post any new pictures. :(
There's lots I wish I could be showing right now too: Fishing at the lake, we actually caught one the other day and boy was that exciting! Playing at the super-cool Monteagle park, and swimming lessons. We LOVE swimming lessons! Man, that girl is like a little minnow right now. Everyday she gets more and more brave and yesterday she decided to jump off the side of the 4.5 foot deep area of the pool with no floaty on and no help (me holding her hand). She just jumps in, goes completely under, pushes off with her feet and pops back up to the surface! This happened yesterday when we all went back to the pool in the afternoon. At swimming lessons she has been put into the group of kids who are comfortable putting their face in and trying to swim. There are 10 kids in the class and she and only 2 others are separated out so they can work on more "advanced" skills. I can not recommend these lessons highly enough. The coach that teaches them is the swimming coach for the University and he is awesome! Everything they do is a useful skill that builds upon other skills. They teach them the proper way to do it from day one so that when they get older they know how to do the strokes the right way. Anywho, it's good stuff, the only problem is that she gets in trouble for being underwater too much! She is so excited about her new skills and everytime I look at her all I see is this little bottom floating above the water. The assistant coaches are constantly having to tell her to stay above water while they are trying to talk...oops. :)

Ok, here's some visual stimulation to keep you occupied for now...not sure what's going to happen with our camera. It's under warranty but it's gonnna be 2 weeks until we get it back! Ahhh, I can't handle that!

Here they are shaking it at one of many dance parties:

Here they are showing off the tattoos *A* drew on them one morning when I thought they were peacefully doing watercolor painting in her room, they were painting all right, just not on paper. The best part about this little fiasco was the way (H) kept calling his tattoos his "statues".

And here's a little bathtime phonics lesson *A* made up. The next day she had about 6 pictures and corresponding beginning sounds all over the wall, but of course the camera had broken by then so I couldn't capture it.

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