Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home Recovering

We're home from our whirlwind, wonderful trip Up North. The weather was cool and rainy most of the first half, but we welcomed it gladly after no rain and 90s here; and we just ran outside to play and explore in between showers. The 2nd half was perfectly warm and sunny just in time for a few days at the beach, the 4th, and the beginnning of the Cherry Festival. It really went by too fast, as it always does, but it's good to be home too. To sweep dog hair, do laundry, tend the garden, open piles of mail, and play with toys we haven't seen in a while. Today was beautiful in Sewanee so that helped with the transition, and being in the car for 14 hours made us ready for the comforts of home too.
Here are some pictures of our adventures. More tomorrow.

They finally fell asleep about 8 hours in.
Gramps introduced "fresh air time" when we'd put our sunglasses on and windows down at 85mph. The kids loved it of course!

One of those cooler rainy days, but still beautiful.

Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse, it sits on the 45th parallel, halfway between the equator and the north pole.

Kids at the lighthouse, *A* was mad at me in this picture because I wouldn't let her follow this one family (with 2 girls to play with) around the whole day.

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