Friday, September 26, 2008

All about *A*

This week at PMO (Parent's Morning Out) it was *A*'s week to be featured on the "All about Me" board. We had to bring in pictures about her family and her favorites...favorite food, favorite color, etc.

We brought in pics of Gracie, Mom and Dad, and (H). We couldn't find one of Ella (the cat) so I told her she would just have to tell the class about her. This lead to her telling about Jackson (our old cat) and how he died. She'll tell this to anyone who'll listen. Anyway, as far as the favorites, I've never asked her these type of questions before so I was curious to see what she would come up with. Here are her answers:

Favorite Color: A: "Pink!", Me: "Really? I thought it was blue?" A: "Yes, Blue." Me: "How about we put both?" A: "OK!"

Favorite Food: A: "Cereal!" Me: "okaaay." So I cut up a box of Cheerios, but it looked weird all alone so I made a mini collage with a few other favorite foods using a peanut better label and a picture of mac and cheese from a magazine.

Bedtime Friend:
She doesn't have a comfort object for bed and never has, but she has a few toys she trades out that she likes to sleep with. She has named this horse blanket thing she has a "cubby"...nothing else really has a name, they are all named what they are...pony, pink bear, etc. but this one has a name and she hardly ever sleeps with it...go figure. Anyway, she picked the ones she had slept with the previous night.

Favorite toy: A, without hesitation: "Books!" Me: grinning with pride, "Good choice!"

Can you tell she's a librarian's kid or what?

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