Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in the Swing...

We're back from our whirlwind trip, and can't be happier to be here. It was a nice visit, too short for sure, especially with the visiting family and friends part, and I really wish we could have gone to our sponsoring church (we'll see you in a few weeks though!)
Our neice's b-day party on Sunday was fun. It was just the fam and we just relaxed and ate. The gas crisis in Georgia yesterday was interesting excitement as we were trying to get back. We were on empty (of course) and were starting to get a little panicked after we drove past about 7 stations and none of them had gas. We finally found one with the line snaking around the building and were able to fill up (thanks Gram and Papa!).
Saturday we met with our realtor and unfortunately it cut into our time with our friends but we were so happy to see you guys! It reminded me of how much I miss you though. Thanks for putting up with our late-ness and keeping your kids up from naps for us! Also, we got some great deals at the consignment sale. *A*'s favorite find:

The favorite for (H) actually came from sweet HeidiB who heard of our need for a trike for (H) and had one to give. He's beyond excited and wore that helmet around for about an hour after he stopped riding today. Such a cutie pie!

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Heidi and Alvie said...

So, so, SO glad we got to see you guys. We miss you terribly, but it's fantastic to see you all happy and doing so well. Can't wait for our slumber party!!! xoxo