Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We're taking the day off. *A*'s recovering from a bad cough and we just need to be home and rest. Today normally would be pretty jam-packed with 3 events in the morning back-to-back and the kids would be in childcare until noon. Then we'd all go to the big community lunch until 1:30 or so, and then home for naps. Instead we'll stay home and rest. I feel slightly guilty and I'm missing things I really want to go to, mainly choir and free lunch, but I know this is what we need to do. I know that *A* could go to all these things and be fine, but I also know that if we do, her cough will only get worse and we'll have another night like last night dealing with her crawling into our bed and coughing so hard she gags and cries. Pitiful.

Oh yeah, it's probably a good idea we stay home today to clean the house lovely, naturally extroverted, overachieving husband (he's already been nominated twice for Junior class representative) has invited the entire Junior class over for soup and to study. I'm really trying to let go the anxiety about the boxes we haven't unpacked and enjoy hosting this shindig, but I really should go now so I can start the mad dash of sweeping, wiping, and straightening. Yikes, my kids are watching Dora, I hate this show. We rented the entire Planet Earth set from the library, somehow that seems much more appealing if I'm going to place them in front of the t.v. today. Oh great, the dog just threw up.


penguin_poet said...

Don't worry about unpacked boxes. We've been on the moutain over two years and still have some boxes that won't get unpacked.

Enjoy the day off!

Dynomite Momma said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! We've got the coughies, too...ugh. big hugs to everyone.