Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nearing 1000!

It's pretty cool my visits have almost reached 1000 hits~I'm pretty sure about half of those are me editing my blog after I post, but it's interesting to see the numbers rise everyday. It makes me wonder who's out there getting a glimpse into our lives, not in a creepy voyer-way, but in a "Hey! How ya doin'?" way. I have been seeing a lot of the blogs I follow with this new feature on their side bar called "Follwers" so I thought I'd add it and if you feel like becoming a follower of my blog, go ahead and click it. (look over here)--------------------->--------->-------------------------------->
If you'd rather stay in the shadows, that's cool too. There are many blogs I feel like I "secretly" keep up with. I don't know why it should feel secret since they are posting all their info for the world to see, but it kind of does.

Hope your Wednesday is going well. I had a nice girl-bonding bible study group and we sang some really difficult pieces for choir today that stretched my brain. I've got a stew in the oven and it's cool enough for a light jacket. Whoohoo! Now I'm off to write some letters and read a bit before the kiddos wake up.


ukebard said...

I was 1001! Yeah that anthem at church was tough!


Dynomite Momma said...

I heart fall. Of course I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt today (that I made myself - out of organic cotton that I dyed myself, I might add...tres - anyway, it's still nice here - not HOT HOT HOT..but we aren't in the mountains, either!

I'm following you! Give A & H (and J, too ;) ) hugs from Auntie J!!! Miss you.