Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Formation is big around here, for obvious reasons. However, we are very lucky to be in a seminary where formation of the spouse and family is also cultivated. Apparently no other seminary is as supportive of the seminary family, I don't know how true that is, it's just what I hear, but it is a big part of why we came here.

Anyway, this idea has really become apparent to me lately. The things on my mind about my formation right now are bible study, choir, and Tuesday night spouse nights.

I've never been a "bible study person" but I joined this group hoping to have a group of women to socialize with, and to have an hour or two without my children to have an adult conversation. This group is lead by a spouse pursuing her Master's in Theology and we decided to start at the beginning by reading and studying selected parts of Genesis. It is done "Great Books style", basically we read it and discuss what we see and what questions or observations we had. I don't know if I could do it any other way, as I am so used to this method of critical reading, but regardless I am glad it is the way it is. I am getting what I hoped out of it, but so much more too. The ladies are all super-supportive of each other and it's really nice to have that. Also, it dawned on me today that if I keep this up, I will know a lot about the bible by the time I leave and that's a really good thing considering I really don't know much.

Choir is just amazing every time I practice or sing at Wednesday Eucharist. It stretches me to go beyond what I thought my abilities were and the music is really healing for me. It's like a beautiful prayer that I could never in a million years think of, sung in ways I never knew were possible.

Tuesday nights are spouse nights. We have group Spiritual direction, or a gathering, or an event, and nothing else is supposed to be planned these nights. It's reserved for spouses to have a night to be together. Last night was Spiritual Direction and we did Lectio Divina using a passage by Howard Thurman. Afterwards, a few spouses and I went to the local coffee house and just hung out and talked. Good times.

I know I haven't really explained how these events are forming me because I'm still trying to figure it out for myself, but I know they are an important part of the process. However, now my house needs some formation so I'm off to clean. Hope your week is treating you well.

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