Monday, January 12, 2009

Back in the Groove

After a fun-filled grown-up weekend, we are now back in the swing of "normal" life. This weekend the grandparents took turns having the kids so that ^J^ and I could go to a party Friday celebrating the Senior seminary students completing the GOEs (General Ordination Exams-like a seminary exit exam). The theme of the party was Survivor complete with beachy decorations and food. Here is our friend Eric sporting his straw hat as a "survivor" of the GOEs.

Then Saturday ^J^ went to the local convent/retreat center for some reading time while I hosted some girls for a night of silliness. My two best gal-pals from college came and another new friend who fit in perfectly! We played games, ate brownies, and had pillow fights (not really). It was nice girl-time but I wasn't able to show them the real Sewanee since the weather was crummy. So, they'll just have to come back in the Spring and we can hike and go to Shenanigans!

By Sunday afternoon, I was ready to have my kids back. When we picked them up, I was amazed at how they'd grown, in just 2 days! (H) is talking like a big boy and *A* was so grown-up acting! It was a nice break for all and the kids loved being with their grandparents. They didn't want to leave to come back home actually, but once they got here, I could tell they were excited. Plus we brought back all the balloons from the party so that was a big hit!

I'm excited to be home too and back into a schedule. The break was wonderful but it was just that, a much needed break. Now we have to focus on getting our old house sold or rented and I've got to figure out how we're going to make ends meet this semester. So back in the groove, but refreshed and ready for the challenges of life. Well, not so ready for the possibly broken washing machine we discovered last night...that makes my blood pressure rise a bit so I'm not going to think about that right now. We're off to run a million errands. Have a good Monday!

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