Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to *A*!!!!

Today is my *A*'s 4th birthday. 4 is so big, it's like a real kid, no more baby, no more toddler, all pre-schooler. We're having a family celebration tonight, just the 4 of us complete with her choice of food for dinner. She chose chicken nuggets, pizza, and broccoli with pink cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I made the kids birthday crowns yesterday and finally used my sewing machine that I've had for 2 years. Here's Ava sporting hers:

Ok, more birthday fun later, we're off to run errands and eat lunch and play at Mickey D's. It's supposed to snow today which is so funny because it snowed on her birthday last year and now she's going to be convinced it's supposed to snow every year on her birthday. She told her Nana this morning that "God made it snow for my birthday". Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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