Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Much Improved!

Well today turned out to be pretty darn perfect despite my early morning rantings. After the kids were delivered, ^J^ and I went and played tennis! We knew we wanted to go workout together since we always have to take turns, and since we were together I wanted to do something couldn't normally do on my own, hence the tennis! Such fun! Then we came home and straightened up and listened to the quiet. Then we went to Shenanigan's for lunch and didn't have to worry about children falling off a bench or spilling their drinks.

When we came home, we decided to try out a recipe from this book I got for Christmas.
The concept is totally fun and dangerously simple because it will lead to much warm bread eating in this house(goodbye tennis-burned calories!). I've just begun flipping through this book, so we started with the most basic of the doughs, but there is SO much more to experiment with and the refrigerator-storing method is so convenient!
While the bread was in the oven, ^J^ decided he wanted to make homemade butter(which we learned about in this book that I also got for Christmas).

After about 10 minutes of shaking, he got a nice 1/2 cup pat of butter to which we added a bit of salt and then slathered it all over the warm-from-the-oven bread.
Oh. my. goodness! We've eaten almost the whole loaf and (H)'s not even awake yet!

Now we're about to cook some Indian food for dinner using this yummy Korma sauce we got from Trader Joe's while in Atlanta. After that I think I'll end this near-perfect, super-soggy day knitting a few rounds on my new hat while watching The Vicar of Dibley...maybe tomorrow we'll actually start putting Christmas decorations away...It is Epiphany after all, Happy Epiphany!

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