Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still Life Afternoon

Yesterday both kids refused to nap. (H) took a short nap in the morning and *A* has become on and off about hers each day, so I finally gave up and said they could get up. What I anticipated to be a horrific afternoon turned out to be pretty amazing. They are at finally at the age that they play together and it is SOOOO nice.

First they decided to play games so they got a variety off the shelf and made up their own versions.
(H) really just wanted to dump out all the cards but he had fun and it let me get a loaf of bread started.
Then we decided to brave the cold and play on the porch.

Even Ella thought it was a nice idea.

We ended up putting coats on and going in the yard to play for another hour. They were pretty pooped by dinnertime with all the fresh air and no naps, so we were able to get them in bed by 7:30 and actually got to watch the "enhanced" version of last season's Lost season finale (in other words, it was Lost for dummies, which is totally us). We got all caught up and are now ready for the new season. Maybe I'll actually be able to watch it this season (if I can remember what night it comes on).

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Dynomite Momma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ!!! And to little H, a little early...

Good luck with LOST. I have the first two seasons :) if you ever need to borrow them, and I'm pretty sure I'll have 3 & 4 soon, too...

Love love love you. Oh - and I saw Eric & Shannon & Presley @ Panera this morning!!! They say HI!